Research Skills


  • qualitative research techniques, e.g. diary studies, interviews, focus groups, content analysis and usability testing

  • quantitative research techniques, e.g. surveys, scale development, log analysis, behavioral data analysis, data modeling

  • statistical analysis, e.g. mixed-effects multilevel models, ANOVA, t-tests, correlation, regression, and power analysis


  • Remote testing and video software & programs (UserTesting, Morae, Camtasia)

  • Wireframing technologies (Balsamiq, Gliffy)

  • Survey tools (Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey)

  • Statistical software (SPSS, R)

Research Projects

Engaged or Frustrated? Disambiguating Engagement or Frustration in Search [Dissertation Work], Fall 2015. Copy available here

  • Created within-subjects study design involving behavioral, self-report and physiological data

  • Completed regression, correlational, and multilevel growth model analysis using R.

The Impact of Query Interface on Stress and Workload, Fall 2013-4

  • Created study design (involving both behavioral and qualitative measures) and made changes to interface used in study

  • Chose search tasks and study instruments

  • Collected physiological data via the BioPac and performed data analysis using R

Task Complexity and Search Behavior Project, Spring 2012

  • Developed and evaluated search tasks with varying levels of cognitive complexity

  • Developed study design and ran study participants

  • Performed data analysis using SPSS

Vertical Search Results Display Project, Fall 2012

  • Developed interfaces for displaying vertical search results

  • Ran study participants and performed data analysis using SPSS

Selected Publications

Edwards, A., and Kelly, D. (2017). Engaged or Frustrated? Disambiguating Emotional State in Search. In Proceedings of ACM SIGIR conference, Tokyo, Japan, August 2017 (SIGIR’17), 10 pages.

Costello, K. L., Martin, J. D., & Edwards Brinegar, A. (2017). Online disclosure of illicit information: Information behaviors in two drug forums. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology.

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