ashlee edwards, ph.d.



Hi! I’m Ashlee, a Senior Product Researcher at Netflix.

As a mixed-methods researcher, I inform product strategy by combining behavioral metrics and quantitative and qualitative data to create a complete picture of user behavior. To that end, I design studies using a variety of tools such as interviews, focus groups, surveys and log data to produce improvements in product design and implementation.

product strategy

I partner closely with stakeholders to lead product strategy. In previous roles, I’ve led strategic research in competitive markets that facilitated company-wide product improvements, including increasing engagement metrics, as well as crafted tailored product strategy approaches for different types of teams, including Youth, Strategic and Emerging Markets, and Acquisition.



writing & SPEAKING

In addition to my product work, I’ve written extensively about user experience strategy, including how to share research creatively and measure user engagement. My past work has also covered topics including online disclosure of sensitive information, using physiological signals to predict user emotional state, and reducing workload in stressful interactions.

I’ve also been a guest lecturer at UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Information Science (SILS) for the past 2 years, giving talks on product research, transitioning from academia to industry, and qualitative and quantitative methods.